Free access to S-1xx test data

On the 29th June 2020, PRIMAR launched the first available S-100 service from a RENC. The service contains S-102 (Bathymetric Surface Products) and S-111 (Surface current information). In addition, PRIMAR is also providing full support of the IHO S-100 security scheme (S-100 Part 15).


In collaboration with PRIMAR, the Electronic Chart Centre (ECC) now makes S-1xx test data available for anyone wanting to leverage the opportunities inherent in S-100 data. Fill out the form on the right to access the dataset and instructions on how to access the S-1xx data. 


PRIMAR has implemented support for S-100 services by revising its remote update service to enable the delivery of S-100 data, in addition to ENCs. The PRIMAR Remote Update Protocol now supports the delivery of S-102 and S-111 datasets, encrypted in accordance with the IHO S-100 Part 15 Data Protection Scheme. PRIMAR has produced a development kit containing a java project and test code for the implementation. PRIMAR has also prepared a test dataset, which has been encrypted in accordance with S-100 Part 15. This can be used to verify that contact can be established with the PRIMAR service and that this delivers the test datasets.


The request only contains an S-100 Part 15 user permit. However, the test user is set up with ENC coverage in addition to S-102 and S-111 coverage. Therefore, the service will deliver both ENC, S-102, and S-111 data, encrypted with S-63 and S-100 Part 15, respectively.

Fill out the form to access S-1xx test data and connection setup for PRIMAR